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Redesigning the FTF Engingeering website from the ground up was a huge task.

The site features dozens of engineering projects, hundreds of images, an extensive About page, employee profiles, custom office location maps, current news and events, and much more.

Because their old website was designed using Wordpress, it was most efficient to use that as a starting point. I added over 1300 lines of CSS and installed 20+ plugins, many of which I heavily modified. It was also necessary to make many adjustments to the core PHP.

Click here or the button below to visit the FTF website. Be sure to check out the Projects page and the About page.

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During my time with FTF Engineering I developed numerous marketing materials, such as this event banner, which is shown at engineering conventions and other company outings.

I also designed regular email blasts, a series of 5x7 postcards, employee resumes, and company invoices.

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When bidding for a project, FTF Engineering submits a bid proposal — a formal document outlining the project timeline, scope, and pricing — showcasing similar projects the firm has completed in the past.

As FTF's Visual Designer, it is my job to ensure that these proposals look professional and compelling.

Bid proposals can vary widely in size, complexity and content. This variation is dependant on the type of project, technical features, and the requisite samples. Creating an adaptable template that could be easily modified was particularly challenging. Using InDesign's master pages and character/paragraph styles I streamlined the proposal process for an improved turnaround which enhanced the teams agility to submit proposals on short notice.

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